New Trip, New Future: Visionox's New Brand Image Released

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Today, Visionox announced that its brand new enterprise logo will be used on a global scale, with the new brand image used to accelerate both technology research and development in the new display field and industrial layout.

Visionox's predecessor was the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) Technology Group of Tsinghua University, which was established in 1996. With over 20 years specializing in OLED, Visionox has become a leading enterprise in the OLED industry, integrating R&D, production, and sales into one complete entity.

Nowadays, thanks to the profound accumulation of technological innovation and the continuous acceleration of the industrialization process, Visionox's flexible AMOLED technology has reached a world-class level. Its products are oriented to many different fields such as smartphones, smart homes, life entertainment, smart wear, automotive display, AR/VR, etc. Visionox has become a banner of new display manufacturing in China.

Visionox indicates Vision of X.

Vision, as this word suggests, expresses the enterprise's vision of "expanding worldviews and improving the enjoyment of human vision". "X" represents the "future", implying the endless exploration of Visionox towards "future vision", which shows the enterprise's mission of "leading China's OLED industry through technology innovation".

The new logo of Visionox highlights the colorful and flexible initial "V". The design is inspired by the company's representative product "Visionox Flexible Screen", which enjoys full flexible qualities and a wider range of application. What's more, the company value to "pursue excellence and cooperate for win-win" is incorporated into the logo, which is manifested in the soaring "V". This symbol implies the meaning of victory, indicating that Visionox will strive to create a more bright and beautiful "future vision" for mankind, as well as its resolution to work with industry partners to build a new ecosystem of the display industry.

In the era of Internet and display, the display industry will drive multiple industries to open up their imagination of the future world, and promote the continuous innovation, transformation and evolution of the human world.

The brand-new VI, not only conveys Visionox's philosophy of focusing on flexible AMOLED technology and building the core competitiveness of the company through independent research and development as well as technological innovation, but it also inherits the original intention of Visionox, which is devoting itself to OLED and moving forward to overcome difficulties.

When you look back on the development of Visionox, you will find it firmly moving forward into the future step by step: from the first experiment in the laboratory of Tsinghua University in 1996, to becoming a Chinese enterprise that sets international standards for flexible display, and which formulated OLED international standards and national standards in 2002; from building the first PMOLED mass production line in 2008 to becoming the world's leading supplier of PMOLED products in 2012; from building the first professional G5.5 AMOLED mass production line in mainland China in 2014 to the shipment of AMOLED products being ranked first among domestic panel factories in 2017, then to May 17, 2018, the start-up operation of the first G6 full flexible AMOLED mass production line built by Visionox in China.

At present, China is accelerating to reform the structure of its economic development towards being innovation-driven. The information industry represented by the new display is a national strategic emerging industry. China is facing a historical intersection between the new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation as well as the transition period of its development. All of these show that the industry is facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a leading company focusing on the OLED field for more than 20 years, Visionox's release of the new VI is not only the rejuvenation of the brand identity, but it is also an in-depth reflection on the future trend of the display industry. With this, Visionox has set a new starting point and has begun its brand new journey in the era of the "ubiquitous screen".

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